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    Our investment opportunities are driven by the extensive expertise of our team

    We advice both individual and institutional investors. Over the last decade, our advisory performance has been significantly ahead of market return. We adapt the highest standards of risk management and apply both fundamental and technical analysis to structure products of the highest calibre with absolute transparency.

    Preserve, protect, and grow your Real Estate investments

    Investing in Real Estate is a sophisticated way to diversify your investment portfolio, hedge against inflation, generate income, and preserve capital. If you invest in Real Estate, or want to start investing in Real Estate in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca & Formentera, our experts lawyers can help you get the best results from your real estate portfolio — and mitigate risk along the way.

    Our real estate investment consultants are experts at navigating the nuanced decisions you face as you develop a strategy and manage your portfolio, from buying and selling existing real estate assets to planning a new development (you can visit Project Manager). We deliver the insights and experience needed to help private and institutional clients preserve, protect, and grow their commercial real estate portfolios.